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Benefits Of Being A Member

As far as is concerned, there are two (2) categories of people.


To start with, it is highly important to make it known to the guests that the income spinning opportunity on this platform avails the avenue for individuals to earn a guaranteed residual income to the tune of N105,000 with just a one-time subscription fee of N2,500.

Two (2) Categories Of People On This Platform

1) Free members

2) VIP members



This category of people is referred to as FREE MEMBERS primarily because is the first step to take towards becoming a VIP member. After successful registration, you automatically become a FREE MEMBER.


However, becoming a FREE MEMBER without paying the one-time subscription fee of N2,500 is just a waste of time, strength and internet data because it does not have any benefit attached to it.


This category of people is the class of people who have, after successful registration, paid a one-time subscription fee of N2,500. As a VIP member, there is a guaranteed residual income spinning opportunity to the tune of N105,000 which every VIP member will earn.


There are two (2) ways of earning residual income on this platform which determines how long it takes to earn the guaranteed sum of N105,000.



1) Personal Referral/Sponsor

2) Auto-referral System


Personal Referral/Sponsor

This is an approach whereby a VIP member personally brings others to his/her network. With this approach, you stand the chance of earning the guaranteed sum of N105,000 within a very limited time, most especially when you personally bring in the first 5 people in your network and teach them how to also personally get their own first 5 people each.


Auto-Referral System

This is an approach whereby a VIP member decides not to personally bring others to his/her network due to one reason or the other. In this case, such a VIP member will be left with the auto-referral system on this platform which gives/distributes new members that were not referred by a sponsor to the next VIP member who needs new members to complete his/her first 5 people in the network. With this approach, it will take a longer time to earn the guaranteed sum of N105,000. To use this approach, you just have to pay your one-time subscription fee of N2,500 and be watching your network of people growing without a personal referral.

Sponsor Information

Name: Sunday Akinfenwa

Location: Lagos - Nigeria

Phone : 2347068801353

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